The Wisdom of Pooh

Last week, I found myself in attendance at a sponsorship event for a client organization called "Girls To The Moon." I was asked to introduce myself to the room. More specifically, I was asked to tell my “role” with Girls To The Moon. What the Moon Goddesses (as I call my three friends who are GTTM's principles) wanted me to say was that I am their attorney, a sponsor, and cousin to one of them. And then, I assume, they wanted me to sit down and shut up. And that is basically what happened.

What went through my mind, however, was something more than that. What went through my mind is the real reason I am involved with Girls To The Moon: that I am the father of a little girl who needs to understand all that she is capable of being so that she can then go be it. What went through my mind was a moment in time from a few years ago.

I was in the Hallmark store looking for a last minute Christmas gift. I do not recall for whom I was shopping, but I do remember that I was unsuccessful. However, I ran across this little memento that caught my eye because a friend had given me this same memento a few years earlier. I kept it on my desk at work. It was a small, perhaps 5" x 5" print in a wooden frame with a quotation on it.

It said, “’Promise me you will always remember: you are Braver than you Believe, you are Stronger than you Seem, and you are Smarter than you Think.’ - Christopher Robin to Pooh.”

I smiled, reading the quotation once or twice and I soon realized that I had to buy it for my little girl. I not only had to buy it, but I had to put it somewhere where she would see it often. It still hangs on the wall beside her bed.

I didn’t want the print for its decorative value. I didn’t want it so my child would read it one time like a birthday card or a Facebook meme, before tossing it aside or scrolling down. I bought the print with the hope that Christopher Robin’s words to Winnie The Pooh would be imprinted on her heart. As parents of little girls, we all want them to understand just how brave they can be, how strong they should feel, and how smart they truly are.

That is why I am involved with Girls To The Moon. Yes, it was founded by my friends. One of them is my cousin. And yes, they approached me about doing their legal work. But I support the organization because it is their mission to imprint on little girls’ hearts the very best of what they can be so that they will be. I cannot imagine not wanting to be a part of that.

I kind of wish I had said all that last week.


(Girls To The Moon is an organization that provides a one-day "campference" bringing girls together to build their curiosity and creativity, strengthen their relationships, and grow their confidence to become leaders in their communities. We at akin maloney are proud to call them a client. For more information about them, check out their website at: